Meeting people at their point of need.

Did you know there are many people
 in our community of Strathcona County
 who are only one crisis away from disaster?
A medical diagnosis, job loss, and family violence are only a few
of the things that result in one needing wrap around services. Help guide those in our community towards independent and stable futures.


With your support, you can help wrap around a family in need. For $150 we can support a family for one week.
Donations to either partner go directly to families.
 the Gap

A collaborative support program that provides services to help people in crisis get back on their feet. This is a partnership of government, churches, and non-profits coming together.

Wrap-around Services

Financial literacy
Career planning
Relationship counselling
Parenting skills
Trauma support


We enable your community to come together and care
 for the people around them so they can get back on their feet.
Donations will receive tax receipts from the partnering churches.
Every dollar donated goes directly to supporting an individual or family in need.
Contact any of the partners to find out
 further ways to learn more about Bridging the Gap.